Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Panasonic PV-GS400 Camcorder

This Panasonic PV-GS400 includes three CCDs, each at 1/4.7 in. with 1,070K gross pixels and 700K effective pixels for video, With the vibrant colors forming a well-balanced spectrum. PV-GS400 performs great in bright, out-of-doors settings, great video quality, and plenty of options to tailor their footage to unique and individual outdoor environments. It has Leica Dicomar lens, A pop-up flash rises above the lens, black infrared sensor with a switch on its right side for automatic, manual, and AE lock modes, the PV-GS400 features a top-loading tape mechanism. The tape mechanism also features a textured rubbery surface that's remarkably easy to grip, LCD 3.5 inches, PV-GS400 has camcorder’s color viewfinder, this viewfinder can be pulled back and extended about 45° towards the eye, stereo microphone. The PV-GS400 is consumed by the battery port and DC in, video recording, photo recording, and playback (all from and to the MiniDV tape), as well as options for photo recording, playback, and PC mode for the SD card. The PV-GS400 has a skillfully hidden port panel which reveals the S-Video and FireWire ports, VCR mode, frame-by-frame shuttle buttons.