Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dahon Eco 3 2009

Dahon Eco 3 2009 ; Does your daily commute consist of riding part way by bike and the rest by train or bus? Then you're probably very familiar with that mixed feeling of dread and hope that the next bus or train has room for your bike. With the fast and easy folding Eco 3, you'll need to worry no more. The Eco 3 folds in seconds and can be taken on just about any mass transit system as long as it's folded and covered. The Eco 3 may have an entry level price but it doesn't skimp when it comes to Dahon's legendary folding convenience. Price $341.10
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DLT (Dahon Licensed Technology) Boardwalk 2009

DLT (Dahon Licensed Technology) Boardwalk 2009 ;An extremely popular model, the DLT Boardwalk 1 is comfortable, fun to ride and easy to use. The single-speed drivetrain and coaster-brake rear wheel make the Boardwalk 1 super simple for anyone to fold, unfold and ride. It even comes with fenders to keep you clean no matter where you ride! Its a fantastic bike for commuters, frequent flyers, sailors, RV travelers or for just cruising around town! And it folds and unfolds in a blink so you can hop on a bus if you run out of gas. Comes with fenders and rear rack. Price $242.99
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